ted4parts Teds Motor Store helping the environment


We are a registered authorised treatment facility for end of life vehicles. This permits us to legally and safely manage the recycling of private and commercial vehicles.

We are all doing our bit by recycling some of our household waste. However car recycling takes expert knowledge and specialist equipment and technicians. We not only want to be good at recycling but look after the environment also.

Certificates of Destruction:

A requirement of End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) regulations is that the last holder of any vehicle depolluted/dismantled is issued with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD).

A certificate of Destruction can only be issued by an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF). The CoD ensures that the vehicle will be treated and disposed of correctly and that it is de-registered in the correct manner.

Our license and permit numbers:

  • Waste Facility Permit: WFP-MN-11000-001
  • Waste Collection Permit: NWCPO-13-11247-01